2014 went by fast, really fast.  I had no time to reflect, to think about how I was doing as a photographer and a business owner.  The only way I could really to think to organize my thoughts were by making a list, here’s what I thought went well, and here are the things I would like to improve on in the new year.

Thumbs Up:

– I shot a variety of photography: weddings, family, newborn, maternity, fashion and event.

– I did my best to blog, and post as much of my work on Facebook and Instagram

– I taught myself and learned as much as I could about Shooting, Posing, Lighting and Marketing

– I networked…a bit

– I overcame a lot of my anxiety related to shooting

– With every wedding I shot, I improved

Marsha Raj Farida Alvi Getting Ready (192)

Things I would like to improve on in the New year:

– To shoot more, a lot more

– To get my business in order

– To network, more, a lot more

– To have a website that truly defines me and my work, that I am proud to showcase

– To blog every week

– To shoot 10 weddings, 5 newborns, 5 maternity, and 5 beauty shoots

– To test out various marketing platforms and find the ones that work for me and my business

– To enjoy every minute of it

Marsha Raj Reception Farida Alvi 44

Here’s to doing the best you can, to improving, growing and enjoying the process…


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