I love food.  Anyone who knows me knows how much.  I plan my entire day around meals, imagining what I am going to eat, getting way too excited when I am going to dinner at a new restaurant, and stare at other peoples plates when they are eating.  My eating habits were never an issue before, but when you get a little older you start to put on the pounds.  Also, since starting my photography business, I had gotten so busy that I had no time to cook, even though I love cooking, and I was relying heavily on take out.

Without notice, I had put on some extra weight, and I was having a really hard time taking it off.  My friend came across a weekend juice cleanse started by Joe Cross, you can read more about it here.  In summary, for 3 days you do not eat any solid foods, but just drink juiced vegetable and fruits.  Without thinking, I knew it was exactly what I needed, and went out and got the groceries for myself and boyfriend for 3 days.  The total coming up to $120.00 with tax for 2 people for 15 juices each for 3 days.   I also had to get Mason jars to store the juices, I purchased 24 from Fortinos for $15.00 for 12 and had to get 3 1 litre jugs to store the remainder.

Dr. Oz 3 Day Juice Cleanse

It took the three of us, using 1 juicer, 6 hours to make 45 juices.  Here are the list of juices.

Dr.Oz 3 Day Juice Cleanse The first day was rough.  It started out great, I loved the breakfast juice.  The mid morning juice was alright, the lunch one was awful (for me, my boyfriend liked it) and I only had it the first day,  the other 2 days I skipped it.  The afternoon snack juice was alright, and the pre dinner juice was pretty good.  We used this Hamilton Beach Juicer which although it did a good job, it did leave quite a bit of grit in the juice and made it a bit hard to drink.  Had it been less gritty, I think they would have been more enjoyable.

Juicing Blog_0004

The first day like I said was rough.  I thought about food all day, I was pretty hungry.  I was taking long to drink each juice, so I was literally drinking all day, which made me a bit gassy. The second day was better, but still hard, I was hungry, tired and times I had a headache.  The third day I felt great.  I had more energy and I was less hungry.

3 Day Juice Cleanse

So, I did it, it was over and I was proud of myself.  Now time to reward myself and eat.  I was so looking forward to my first meal, I decided I would have Nandos.  My boyfriend, a previous junk food lover decided to have a burger and fries from Five Guys.  We ate in silence, and we both knew in that silence that something had changed.  We weren’t enjoying it as much as we had expected.  Although it was a bit disappointing to not enjoy the fast food, we at least knew that our cleanse had worked and we had made the change that we needed.

What the juice cleanse did for me was clean out my system which removed my cravings since all that was in my system was fruits and vegetables,  it increased my will power, it made me realize how little food we actually need to survive and made fatty, artificial food taste gross. I also lost a couple of pounds along the way (sorry I do not know exactly how many, I do not weigh myself, but I did fit into a pair of jeans that I couldn’t before the cleanse).  Now that it is over, I am not thinking about food all day. I enjoy broccoli instead of fries, my cravings are highly reduced but I still enjoy food, I’m just not addicted.  We are still juicing, this morning I had a grapefruit, orange and apple juice, and last night I had a carrot, apple and ginger juice with my dinner.

Dr.Oz 3 day juice cleanse

So, if you are thinking of juicing, you should.  If you watched the documentary that I had linked to you will notice that the Joe Cross juiced for 60 days, I only did 3.  Really, in comparison it is nothing, but it’s a good place to start.  Do 3, 7, 10, 30 or 60 days just give it a start.  Due to our ease of access to food, we as a society have been accustomed to over indulgence.  We need to at times, force our selves to take a step back, and intentionally deprive ourselves as a way to reset.  Doing this cleanse, even made me remember all of the foods I loved and got me excited to start cooking again.  We are creatures of habit, and it’s changes our habits that are the hardest for us to do.  Sometimes we need to think out of the box, do something “extreme” to make the changes we need to better our lives.