I was starting to feel like this shoot wasn’t going to happen.  Schedules weren’t coinciding, weather was getting colder, the day before we were going to shoot in Orangeville..it snowed?!

Okay time to find new location the day of the shoot.  Thankfully everything worked out, the Humber Arboretum was beautiful and the temperature was tolerable!

I’ve got a few years and a few inches on Talianne but her kindness and thoughtfulness are immeasurable.  Thank you Talianne for always supporting me and being someone I can count on.  As for Thiva, I know you did this for Talianne, but thank you so much for braving the cold weather, getting all dressed up and making Talianne smile,  I am so happy she found you,

And in case you couldn’t tell from the air quotes, they’re not really engaged…yet. 😉

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