The weather has been a little crazy here in Canada. A few weeks before I photographed Poonam and Ankoor  there was a crazy snow storm that hit Ontario and we thought it best to move our session from February to mid-March.  Luckily we did as we had great weather for out winter engagement session in Ottawa.

We began our shoot at the GORGEOUS Eighteen Restaurant.   We definitely have to thank Eighteen Restaurant for their hospitality and allowing us un-interrupted time to photograph anywhere in the beautiful restaurant.Engagement Poonam and Ankoor Farida Alvi_34Poonam Ankoor-001

Engagement Poonam and Ankoor Farida Alvi_30Ankoor Poonam-001Engagement Poonam and Ankoor Farida Alvi_36Ankoor Poonam-003

The steps leading up to the Parliament were painted and provided a beautiful backdrop along with the sunset in the background.

Engagement Poonam and Ankoor Farida Alvi_46PoonamAnkoor-005Engagement Poonam and Ankoor Farida Alvi_53

Poonam Ankoor-004PoonamAnkoor-006Engagement Poonam and Ankoor Farida Alvi_65Engagement Poonam and Ankoor Farida Alvi_74Engagement Poonam and Ankoor Farida Alvi_76Engagement Poonam and Ankoor Farida Alvi_80Engagement Poonam and Ankoor Farida Alvi_83

Apparently if you are in Ottawa having a Beaver Tail is a must, every time we walked by there was a huge line.  I obviously had to have one…I chose the cinnamon sugar with a squirt of lemon…delicious! If you want to see a pic of me inhaling it lol, head over to my instagram @falviphoto.


It was so sweet to watch Ankoor dote over Poonam.  You can really tell that he goes out of his way to make sure she is happy.  And I don’t blame him, Poonam is such a sweet, kind girl who deserves every bit of doting. Can’t wait to photograph your wedding in June!

XO Farida