Little Alexander was born on Wednesday May 4th at 8:49 a.m., if you saw from my previous post I photographed his entry into the world.   We scheduled our shoot for Alexander’s newborn photos on May 12th, at 8 days old.  The ideal time for photographing newborns as you may or may not know is between 6-10 days, so we were right in that sweet spot ;).  As you can see because of our timing Alexander slept through his photos and gave us those squishy newborn photos that only newborns can do! Farida Alvi Photography-Maternity_0001

Ana requested these macro detail shots of Alexander as she is planning the design of his nursery in their new home.

Farida Alvi Photography-Maternity_0011Alexander Macro Detail Shots_MemeFarida Alvi Photography-Maternity_0002

Newborn Alexander Farida Alvi_004Farida Alvi Photography-Maternity_0005Farida Alvi Photography-Maternity_0003Farida Alvi Photography-Maternity_0008Farida Alvi Photography-Maternity_0007