Kaleb’s mom found me on my  Facebook page and messaged me to take some newborn photos of her first born Kaleb.  She came over to my home studio in Brampton where we photographed Kaleb at 11 days old and for some reason he was just not interested in sleeping lol.  A sleeping newborn is the easiest to pose for photos because they are unaware of your of touch and will stay in the pose.  So when little Kaleb wouldn’t sleep I had to improvise and find some poses that work for an awake baby.  These are just a few of the photos we achieved, and they turned out to be some of my favourite.

2015-05-12_0001 2015-05-12_0002 2015-05-12_0004

I loved one image so much that I purchased one of the canvases that I offer to my clients for myself, a 24 X 36 inch canvas for my studio.  Here are a few photos of the canvas on my wall.  I really believe in printing your photos and investing in turning your photos into artwork.  We decorate our homes with paintings of flowers, and scenery, but what makes better artwork than your new baby.

2015-05-21_0003 2015-05-21_0002 2015-05-21_0001Thank you Kaleb for the beautiful photos 😉

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