When I photographed Krystal’s son during my Christmas Mini’s she was pregnant with little Abigail.  She said she would be bringing Abigail when she gave birth and she was very serious lol.  At 12 a.m. I got a message from Krystal that she was in the hospital in labour and by 6 a.m. that day Abigail was here! 15 days later I was photographing Abigail, she was the best baby, slept right through her session and made my job so easy! Thank you Abigail and Krystal for having such a beautiful baby 🙂

Newborn Farida Alvi Abigail_13

Newborn Farida Alvi Abigail_22

Newborn Farida Alvi Abigail_29

Newborn Farida Alvi Abigail_14

Newborn Farida Alvi Abigail_20