I am really excited to post these maternity photos of Lily, first because well look how gorgeous she is…and second because these are the first photos I’ve taken at my new at home studio (stay tuned for a post including pictures of my new space!).

I had fun wrapping her in tulle and chiffon and can’t wait until the next one, thank you Lily for making such a beautiful pregnant, soon-to-be mommy!

Lily Vo Farida Alvi-2Lily Vo Farida Alvi-6Lily Vo Farida Alvi-11Lily Vo Farida Alvi-14Lily Vo Farida Alvi-17Lily Vo Farida Alvi-18Lily Vo Farida Alvi-19Lily Vo Farida Alvi-22Lily Vo Farida Alvi-23