Rowena found me on Instagram and contacted me on my website to have her maternity photos done.  I was immediately so found of Rowena, she wrote such sweet emails and was always so considerate with emailing me on weekends, it was the little things that made me realize I was going to enjoy working with her and I absolutely did!

We had planned to photograph the delivery of Mark and Rowena’s first child, I did come to the hospital once Rowena went into labour but Rowena had to have a c-section so I was unable to photograph the actual delivery. Although I was unable to photograph the delivery all that mattered was that they had a healthy baby and they did, a little girl named Adaline. I will be posting her photos next 😉

Maternity Rowena Farida Alvi Photo_0018Maternity Rowena Farida Alvi Photo_0013Maternity Rowena Farida Alvi Photo_0019

How beautiful is she?

Maternity Rowena Farida Alvi Photo_0014Maternity Rowena Farida Alvi Photo_0020Maternity Rowena Farida Alvi Photo_0015Maternity Rowena Farida Alvi Photo_0021Maternity Rowena Farida Alvi Photo_0016Maternity Rowena Farida Alvi Photo_0017