I can’t explain what happens to me when I see a really stylish, well put-together outfit, except to say that I get all excited, my eyes become really dilated and I can’t wait to go shopping.  Now I’ve wondered to myself many times if my fashion obsession is vain, whether I am wasting too much of my time looking at fashion magazines, putting together outfits and shopping.  Now just to put things into perspective, none of that is really going on right now since I have started my photography business. My life now consists of shooting, editing, photoshop tutorials, CreativeLive broadcasts, website re-designing and trying to recuperate from all of this.

Luckily part of my job consists of looking at pretty pictures for inspiration, so yesterday when I was searching on Google I came across some stylish photos and that thing with my eyes dilating happened again, so I figured I would get my fashion fix through blogging.

My thoughts on whether loving fashion is vain?  It is  depending on why you love it I guess.  I love anything beautiful, I am slightly obsessed with it actually, and is largely the reason I became a photographer.  I love interior design, photography, nature, paintings (not in that order), and fashion is part of it.  Obviously you can tell you have a problem if your closet is full and you can’t pay your bills, luckily in that respect I still have things under control.  So I say obsess, but keep it in moderation and within your means!

Here are a few of my style crushes…

Shirley B
Shirley’s Wardrobe: http://www.shirleyswardrobe.com/
Jennifer Lopez: Glamour Magazine
Beyonce 2
JCrew Ad
JLo 3
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Kim K Colourful
Kim Kardashian
Kim K T-Shirt Dress
Kim Kardashian
Olivia Palermo distressed jeans and white blazer
Olivia Palermo

Grey Skirt and Grey jacket Jeans and Chanel Jacket

Dulce 44
Dulce Candy: Fashion Blogger: http://dulcecandy.com/
Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad

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Disclaimer: These are not my photos, photos sourced from Google Images