If you are a wedding photographer you probably know the names Jasmine Star and Susan Stripling.  There are so many wedding photographers out there, too many to mention, but these are the two I happen to love, and who I have chosen to learn from.

I first learned from Jasmine Star, she is a great teacher, a social media master and has a fabulous blog JasmineStar. She is from California, is married and has a dog Polo that she adores, her style is very reflective of California, they are very bright, editorial and cheerful.

Susan Stripling, is also an established wedding photographer, she lives with her husband and daughters, she is a fantastic photographer and a great teacher.  She however lives in New York, she does not have a dog that she adores, and her style is a lot darker, and edgier, and a bit more classic.

This week I’ve been learning from Susan Stripling’s 30 Days of Wedding Photography course on CreativeLive and I could not help but notice how in so many ways these two highly successful photographers were exact opposites.  Their styles are completely different.  Jasmine likes a clean shot that looks just like how the day looked. Susan like to manipulate the scene a bit more and get very creative.  Jasmine shoots Canon, Susan Nikon. Jasmine’s favourite lenses are prime, Susan’s is the 70-200mm zoom, Jasmine loves first looks, Susan hates them. Their philosophies, styles and beliefs are in so many ways so different that I even thought about creating a chart and listing them side by side, but I’m not going to do that.

I’m not going to do that because as interesting as I thought it was, it really made me realize what really mattered.  And although these ladies were so different in so many ways, their similarities are what really stood out for me. They are smart, dedicated, hard-working women who have spent countless hours perfecting their craft.  They are meticulous at running their businesses, and although their philosophies may be different, I’m sure if you asked either of them how much they spent on advertising last year or how many hours they spend culling their photos each month, they could both answer you on the spot with no hesitation.  They are both great teachers, talented photographers and smart business women and that is what I have chosen to focus on and to learn from.

I guess success as a photographer is not determined by your style, which camera or lenses you use or whether you do photo safaris or not.  Hard work, determination, organization and smart business skills are what really determine your success!

In case you are interested in viewing their work: Jasmine Star & Susan Stripling.

Happy Wednesday!