So I was invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party, but I did not own an ugly Christmas sweater, so what did I do? I made one! My friend and I choose plain sweaters (mine was $5.99 from a thrift store), and then we scoured Dollarama (for non-Canadians it’s our go-to dollar store) for decorations.  Now, you might say that our sweaters weren’t really that ugly, o.k. I’ll admit it, we didn’t really get how to do ugly, but let’s just say they’re festive.

Here’s how I made mine, it’s so easy, it took me about 7 min. to make.

Here are the materials.  I found a set at Dollarama that had a cute penguin which was meant for decorating the gift bag that came with it, and used those materials to decorate the sweater.  I added some plastic snowflakes that I found in the store to fill out the sweater. You will also need some super glue.


Start by laying out the sweater on a flat surface.


Place, the materials on the sweater as shown on the package and scatter the snowflakes around the penguin to fill the empty space.


What makes this project so easy, is that all the foam pieces have sticky backs, so it was just a matter of removing the backing and sticking each piece in it’s place.


As for the snowflakes, just superglue that back, being careful of your fingers, and stick them in place. Make sure not to move the sweater while doing this to allow the glue to adhere.


And that is it! The total cost of the sweater was $9,24 CAD before tax!

Sweater: $5.99, Penguin Kit: $1.25, Snowflakes: $1.00, Superglue: $1.00.


Here is a photo of my friend and I with our finished sweaters.  Her’s was amazing, it even had a string of lights that lit up! Shows you there are so many options, so get creative!


Happy Ugly  Festive Sweater Making!