Time to blog.  What to write? Blank starring at the computer……Find myself on Facebook instead of writing.  I’ll watch that Marie Forleo Video .  Time to write.

If you clicked the link and watched the video you will hear Adam Braun an entrepreneur being interviewed by Marie Forleo speaking about his new book The Promise of a Pencil and how a few “IT” moments lead to the creation of his Organization, Pencils of Promise.  So what are “IT” moments?  I’ll give you an example from Adam Braun’s story. He speaks about a time where his boss have him an ultimatum  where he had to make the decision between leaving his full time job and following his dream of starting his own company.  That weekend as he was putting out his trash, right outside his front door he saw the words “Become your dream” written on cardboard in front of his house by artist James De La Vega.  He took this as a sign, and quit his job.

Why do some people question the notion that the universe could be guiding you through moments like these?  First, I think you are more likely to be a non-believer if they have never happened to you.  I’ve experienced “IT” moments, they don’t happen often, but when they do happen you feel like you are in alignment with something greater than yourself, you become frozen like an electric current is running through you, and if you choose, it changes your perspective and you are never the same again.  My belief is that if you are not experiencing it, it is because you are not living in the moment.

I’ve heard someone say once, that you should not give credit to the universe for your choices.  Okay, but If you really give it some thought, of all the knowledge there is in the universe how much of it would you say you know?  The amount is so negligible you probably cannot even measure it.  Why do you think it can be so hard to make decisions.  We cannot look into the future and determine how our decisions will play out, so I feel our best bet is to stay open and aware in each moment and look for guidance around us.  So often we are trying so hard to take control of our lives that we miss all the cues that the universe is trying to give us.  The power is still in your hands, no matter how many signs we receive, you are the driver the universe is just the road signs.

Funny Road Sign

Hopefully you are receiving something a little clearer than this 🙂

Happy Wednesday!