If you live in Canada right now, you’ve more than likely seen photos of our ice storm in your Facebook feed.  As hesitant as I am to hop on bandwagons, I couldn’t resist taking pictures and blogging about our recent ice storm.  Less than one week prior to Christmas, I woke up to frozen pipes and no running water as a result. After logging into Facebook I learned that there were many people without power and when I left my house that day I felt like I had woken up in the Ice Ages.  All the trees were covered with ice, it was so beautiful and sad at the same time, so many of the trees looked gorgeous, like glass, you couldn’t take your eyes off of them, then others, that could not withstand the weight, were humped over and broken.

As beautiful as the ice storm was, it caused many to be without electricity for days.   I was lucky that I did not have to experience a moment without electricity, but after hearing about others stories, it really makes you appreciate not only having electricity and all the comfort it provides, but having loved ones that you count on in times of need.

I think many would agree, that as long as you have the necessities you need in life, shelter, food, and loved ones, there is nothing to worry about!

Happy Thursday!