I thought I would do something that I think I am going to title “Tech Tuesday”. I will post every other Tuesday some tips on how to improve your photography skills. I am ALWAYS learning and will always be learning so I thought I would pass on what I am learning using my photos.

These photos are from a wedding I did in December, (I will post the photos of the wedding very shortly) but I thought I would post here a difficult situation I found myself in at this wedding. The bride asked me to take some photos of her in her bridal room (the BEFORE photo), which happened to be a very small room with no window and dark orange walls. Some people think that all you need is a great camera to take a great photo, but really if you don’t have great light, you’re kinda screwed…

So what I did was I turned off all of the lights and had her friend turn on the light on her camera phone and hold it up to her face. This blocked out all the unflattering light and allowed for all the jewellery on her to sparkle.

I was really happy with the results as you can see in the AFTER. I hope that helps and you can give it a try with your own photography! 🙂

ShafiShafi Farida Alvi After