A friend of mine who is an intern at Fashion Weekly approached me about doing the cover of their November issue.  Mind you he gave me 2 weeks to pull it off.  I’m not going to lie I was slightly freaking out, but tried to get it together long enough where I had a chance of pulling this off.  The first person, and only person I thought of who had the slightest chance of making this happen for me was Huda.  She’s reliable, beautiful, loves fashion and models like no one else I knew.  A lot of people like to discount modelling like it’s easy.  Until you’ve have someone in front of the lens that can pose, and someone who is uncomfortable with posing, you have cannot truly appreciate someone who naturally knows how to move their body in a way that is visually pleasing.

We hit a few bumps along the way, Huda had some important matters at work, it rained, make-up artists cancelled, and we were left with doing the photo shoot at 8 a.m. on a Saturday the day before the deadline, ummm yeah…but we did it! Yay! Here are the photos, only 1 made it into the magazine, but it made it on the cover, so totally worth it!

Here’s the cover….


And the rest of them….Farida Alvi Huda Alvi 9922047C0059Farida Alvi Huda Alvi9953 Farida Alvi 9833Farida Alvi Huda Alvi 9974 Farida Alvi 9917 Farida Alvi Huda Alvi 9956